Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friends & Puppies

October 16th, 2013: Tollers are fantastic companions!!! We only wish we could have another litter sometime soon but here is the scoop. Our youngest Toller is in the process of being shown and building up his resume. We're trying out agility, flyball and a few conformation shows coming up soon. Although we don't have any litters planned, our very close friends and breed mentor does have litter plans. So, if you're looking for a well bred, health cleared, quality Toller pup, check our Jocar Tollers. And guess what! They now have a Facebook site:

Jocar Tollers - Facebook Site

I've heard some first hand knowledge that Jocar just had NINE puppies!!! Check with Carolyn to see if there are any still available from the litter. We all know those Toller waiting lists can be long...

9 feasting Toller puppies
In other news, Tikko Tollers is very happy to announce that Pepper, Tikko's Lady of the Lake, competed in her first conformation show in June and she won a GROUP FOUR placement!!! Congratulations to Pepper and her wonderful and energetic owners for the job well done. Exciting news is coming up in regards to Pepper. We'll keep you posted. Here is Pepper on the Toller Data website:

Pepper's Pedigree

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Puppy Tips n Tricks

August 8th, 2013: Eau-din is almost 4 months old and we've had the joy of riding the puppy roller coaster. I do not claim to know it all and it is a fact of life that what works for one might be disastrous for another. Here are a few tips and tricks that work for me:

  • Keep a very large toy bin stuffed to the max with every kind of toy a puppy could dream of - this is endless fun for the pup and constantly mixing in new toys will make the toy bin a go-to place for the pup - this will help eliminate people items as toys
Eau-din (Odes) with one of his many toys

  • Leave the patio door open when working in the kitchen - potty training a dog in the winter is a wee bit harder as this means you too get to brave the cold during the million potty breaks a day - leaving the patio door open for the puppy to 'choose' to go outside instead of inside is very controversial but can certainly help the puppy link the great outdoors with being the toilet versus the interior of your home
Patio time & he is wearing his vest as an intro to something new today!

  • Blame the trainer, not the puppy - when junior gets into the garbage and tears it to pieces or even ingests something he shouldn't, guess who's fault it is? THE TRAINERS FAULT! I feel very strongly about this. Set your puppy up for success, not failure.
Double Trouble - blame yourself when pup messes up!

  • Kennel train, kennel train, kennel train - there are countless reasons to kennel train a dog. This is not only handy when the pup is still a wee tyke but will extend into adulthood. KENNEL TRAIN! Limit the puppies boundaries. Don't let your pup have the run of the house. This is just disastrous and lends to the point above...
Kennel Train! - Never leave your puppy unattended!

  • Socialize, socialize, socialize - get your pup use to everything there is to see in this big wide world. From the bridge over a river during your walk to different sizes of people, introduce your pup to everything imaginable.
Socialize! - Introduce the young'un to new dogs as well!

  • Training - it never stops. Even my 9 year old Toller is still learning. Expect ups and downs. Puppies need training in every stage of their life. One month puppy might be precious and well-behaved and the next month - LOOK OUT! TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!
TRAIN! - Never stop training...

  • Limit vaccines - don't over vaccinate just because a vet says that yearly vaccines are the standard. Educate yourself! Learn about titer testing. A dog with vaccine related health problems will only cause you grief and heartache. I know first hand! I recommend: one parvo/distemper vaccine combo at 12 weeks of age, 1 rabies vaccine once in a lifetime after 6 months of age and no further vaccines in a lifetime. This follows the scientific/medical research of Dr. Dodds and Dr. Schultz. Please email me if you would like to discuss further.
Eau-din at the vet clinic

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Water Dog

July 10th, 2013: We've been learning more and more about field training. There are so many things you can train your dog to do and if they have the drive, they really can do it all. From flyball to agility to field trials, they can do it! I've been re-reading the book "Water Dog" by Richard Wolters and I thoroughly recommend the whole series to anyone getting a dog, whether their dog be a hunting dog or just a house pet. Wolters offers a lot of techniques and "opinions" that I would never have thought of on my own.

I'm no PRO but I am learning and that is what counts. My last Toller was skilled on retrieves, the shotgun sound, stays, drop-it, leave-it, among many other things but I did not introduce her to feathers early enough. Wolters stresses that the most important time to train your dog and build a bond is between 7 and 16 weeks. The *real* training starts after 16 weeks but there are lots of important little things to train your dog to do, before 16 weeks approaches. Saying that, my almost-9-year-old Toller has suddenly grown fond of feathers since she now has 'competition'. I'm amazed by this 9 year old.

Here is a picture of one of our first training sessions with feathers with our newest Toller, Eau-din (pronounced Odin). He will need to be trained with brushes as he does not have the softest mouth for a retriever but for a young pup, he is keen, and that is a good start!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


June 26th, 2013: Meet the newest addition to our wee family: Eau-din (pronounced Odin). The name Eau-din is a tribute to his dam who we bred: Eau-dee. They say your dog becomes what you name it, well...let me tell you.

EAU is French for water and DIN is apparently English for a loud unpleasant prolonged noise. He is a vocal one and needy as all get out! But, I also look at other definitions for the word DIN. In Arabic DIN means "a way of life". And for another translation, DIN is the Romanian preposition "of". I am part Romanian so that fits.

But, the best fit to translating his name is: Water-a way of life ----- Eau-din

We love him. I smile when I wake up and smile when I go to bed. Even the big dogs love him.

Puppies/dogs/animals are, in my opinion, the recipe for good health.

Here's our boy:


Grandma Gracie & Eau-din


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Week's Adventures...

June 3rd, 2013: ...this week's adventures include a road trip this coming weekend to pick up our very first male Duck Tolling Retriever. His name will be announced as soon as we pick him up. We are excited as this Toller is a grandson to our foundation dog, Gracie. For now I leave you all with this photo of our new pup:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gracie's Grandpups

May 8th, 2013: Eaudee gave birth to six puppies on April 11th, 2013. Three of the pups sadly did not survive solely due to birthing complications. Eaudee and Captain Jack have three beautiful surviving pups who are unique in their own way: 2 boys and 1 girl; Grace O'Malley is her name. We hope to be adding a new pup to our household at the beginning of June!

Here are the little guys:

Boy, Grace O'Malley, Red Boy

Thursday, April 11, 2013


April 11th, 2013: Canadian & American Champion Tikko's Eau de Pikkinokka is due to have a litter of puppies. Due date is between April 11th and April 13th. We're so excited! This is a very special litter as it is a one-time litter for Eau-Dee before she moves to Australia!!!

NOTE: I am not the 'breeder' of this litter (although I did breed Eau-Dee). If you want to contact the breeder, visit the fabulous Pikkinokka Kennel's facebook page:

Here is a picture of Eau-Dee and her 'belly':